We’re a multi-featured agency, focused on developing private cloud for your personal or business use...

Get the power of cloud performance on a private secure dedicated infrastructure built just for you.

Dedicated Hardware

No need to fight over resources, it’s all yours.

Unlimited DDoS Protection

No matter how big the attack we got your back.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don’t limit you on traffic like other providers.

Managed Support

We help you with everything, and we mean everything!

Our vision

To provide the best private cloud 

USA Servers

Local location servers

Who we are

The leaders in our field

Why us

Excellent customer service

Private Cloud FAQs

What is private cloud?

A private cloud is a dedicated server that allows for the creation of multiple virtual machines.  You are in a single-tenant environment where virtual servers can be deployed with instant provisioning.

You have full access to these virtual machines and can deploy any operating system of your choosing.

How is private cloud manage?

We set up the private cloud from scratch for you to allow for the creation of virtual machines.  You can build your off-premises infrastructure directly on the private cloud while allowing for the scalability of your servers and keeping your datacenter in the cloud.

What common use cases does a Private Cloud?

The most common use cases for a Private Cloud are:
  1. Virtualize your dedicated servers in the cloud
  2. Build your infrastructure in the cloud
  3. Reselling custom-sized virtual machines
  4. And many more use cases…

Effective private cloud solutions at a competitive industry pricing

All Private Clouds Include

No hidden fees, no add-ons, it’s all included.

Dedicated HardwareUnlimited DDoS ProtectionUnlimited BandwidthManaged Support

Service Pricing

Select the price that fits your needs.


$429 /month
6 Cores @ 3.9 GHz Max
32 GB RAM (Upgradeable)
2×2 TB HDD SATA (2x450GB SSD – $20)
Single Processor
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$599 /month
6 Cores @ 4 GHz Max
64 GB RAM (Upgradeable)
2×2 TB HDD SATA (2x450GB SSD – $20)
Dual Processor

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$799 /month
16 Cores @ 3 GHz Max
128GB RAM (Upgradeable)
4×2 TB HDD SATA (4x450GB SSD – $50)
Dual Processor
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